Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silverlight Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010

Silver light Object model is introduced in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 along with ECMASCRIPT and managed Client side model .Silver Light Object model supports its implementations in three possible contexts .

1) Within the silver light web part applications .
2) With in the silver light cross domain data access system .
3)Modifying the  Client Access cross domain policy ( High Security risk and not supported by Share Point Foundation )
                                Since the query execution is asynchronous when you use the SharePoint Foundation Silverlight object model, you must pass delegates for callback methods as parameters in the ExecuteQueryAsync(ClientRequestSucceededEventHandler, ClientRequestFailedEventHandler) method, similarly to query execution in the JavaScript object model.
                                 However ,in order to make changes in the User Interface through silver light object model ,you must delegate this work to the Dispatcher object of the thread that created the UI by calling Begin Invoke method .

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