Monday, June 18, 2012

JavaScript Client object model in SharePoint 2010

ECMASCRIPT(JavaScript or Jscript )client  object model  is introduced in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 along with Silverlight and managed client object models. The JavaScript Object models will let you work on the objects without deploying the code on the server .This helps the application with reduced stress of server and bound to easy loading of the application .
                                     This type of models efficiently run for sandbox solutions and server side hierarchy applications. Since Java Script works on the Client context ,that is it works just for the current context there is no scope for the object availability for cross site scripting or the access of the object model away from the current context ,which will enhance the already existing security feature of the application . to reduce the stress on the server ,this client object model doesn't load all the object properties when a object is created .  
                                    The Data retrieval is done on client load function using the methods like set_ and get_ based on the availability to retrieve or set the value of the property. The JavaScript Class Library contains the reference material and properties for the objects .Due to lots of similarities in managed object model and java script object model .They both share the similar Orientation .

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