Tuesday, June 12, 2012

how to add or create a new page in dotnetnuke

we can create a page using  two  different methods in DNN.The administrator can only add or delete pages in application.So the admin should be login into site and then do the below steps.Whenever login into the application you can see the page functions menu on top of the page.
First Method:
1.When ever mouse over on admin menu item which is in page function tab ,we can get a pop with multiple options.In this we have to select Page management

2.Here you can see the parent node as Home  because it is an application name

3.Right click on the home tab ,the select the option Add pages

4.Here we get an option to give the desired page name.Then click on Create Page(s)

You can see the message the Page Test created and circled  is added page under home page

Second method:we can create a page with direct option  which is in page functions menu.For this we need to go for pages option on page function tab and select add option
Here it provides all manipulation of pages like add,delete,import or export page in DNN site.we can also update the page which already created in site

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