Monday, June 11, 2012

how to increase the maximum file upload size in dnn

It is pretty easy to increase the upload file size in DotnetNuke.when i am working on this one,i have a question is why will i increase the file size ?The answer is  By default it has fixed to 1mb for upload the maximum file size in when we upload more than 1 mb we will get an error like this "The size of uploaded file exceeds max size allowed".
So To resolve this error we have to increase the size as per requirement.Here i increased  up to 20 mb for Document(.doc,.pdf etc) files and 3 mb for image file.
Please follow the below steps in DNN:
1.Login as a super user.Go to Host-->HTML Editor manager

2.In html editor manager we have an option Every one which circled in below image

3.Whenever select the option we get Editor configuration with all manager settings

4.Expand the default manager and change the Max File Size option with your desired value

5.Finally you have to change the file size in web.config.In web .config we have a option in http Run time

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