Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to create and consume usercontrol without

Title:How to access user control in

Description:The use controls can be used when we require a control which can be working as per our requirement.Now i would like to explain how to access this into our web application
1.Use notepad or some other editor and write all aspx/js/html code in it.Save it with .ascx extension
2.Add the created .ascx to the current project i:e copy it into current project folder
3.Go to the page where we want to consume this control and add <%@Register--%> directive
<%@Register Tagprefix="Nit" TagName="RichBanner" src="banner.ascx"%>
4.In the same page now create controls using markup
<Nit:RichBanner ID="rbl" runat="server"/>
5.To Create a control; at run time we cannot use normal syntax for use defined control.We must use load method of page to create it

Ex:-Banner a=page.Load("Banner.ascx")
similarly unload(--) to remove the controls form  form
Remember we must add it to some container after creating it
6.Every control once designed can be placed onto an assembly
7.Only ascx with a dll will be prepared and given to user(publish required)
8.<%@ control--%> directive is used instead of <%@ page--%> and contains will be placed inside a page which contains all HTML content

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