Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Datasource Controls in

The data source controls are available from 2.0(Not bound controls).Using this controls we can automate the task of creating data object.Normally we have to prepare data object programatically(using code).Whenever use these controls we may get some question regarding wizard approach features then one programmatic object will be created most importantly these controls provide complete customization options.The following data source controls are available in

1.SQL Data source control
2.LINQ Data source control
3.Object Data source control
4.XML Data source control entity framework Data source control

1.Sql Data source control:
it is used to prepare data object from any SQL supported database Oracle,SqlServer,Access,My Sql,SYSbase,Informix,Ingres etc

The DS controls supports caching features . Data source controls does not Cache any data.with enable cache property of it we can add caching support.The reason to cache data is to avoid DB trips for every request.If data is cached then we retrieve data from they cache only by avoiding db.This will improve performance like anything.Different property for caching are also supported for maintaining time ,dependency etc
Conflict Detection(Concurrency control)
Using Data source controls when we manipulate data there is every possibility of occurring concurrency problems because web is for all and also our form can be accessed many users . DS controls provide conflict detection with 2 option

i)Override changes
ii)Compare all values

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