Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Import Excel data into SQL Server

.In previous post i have given Import excel data to sqlserver,Export grdivew to excel .There are couple of ways(Copy and paste,Import) to save or insert the data into sql server table from excel sheet .Here i would like show how to import the data form excel sheet to sql server using sql server tasks.This is the way we can save excel data into database
When make a selection of Import for data base we will get a popup window which is used to import/Export data in sql server database

Then we have to select data source type and path of the file using the option in wizard.Here i was select Excel Sheet as data source

Here the destination data source has selected using server credentials Then click on the next button until the Wizard process completed.The below screen shots will show the complete process.

Here we can see the DVD data table which has been created using Excel sheet

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