Sunday, September 9, 2012

common language runtime in .Net

CLR is the run time environment in which .net application are executed CLR forms as a layer on top of the OS providing its services between .net application of OS.CLR contains several components in its architecture
1.Class Loader
2.Code Manager
3.Garbage Collector
4.Security Manager
5.Exception Manager
6.Thread Manager
7.Just time Compiler

Class Loader:
It is the provider for verify the class libraries refereed by the .net application and load all those class libraries into memory to make them available for .application

Code Manager:
In .net The code manager is responsible for loading .net application code into memory and managing until the .net application was closed.Dot net application code is classified into

1.Managed Code:The .net code that is executed by code manager is called as Managed code
2.Unmanaged Code:The .net code that is not executed by code manager is called as Managed code

Garbage Collector:
This is responsible for memory management for the .net application.When you create variables and objects in the program then allocates memory for them and De-allocating memory when their lifetime is expired is the responsibility of Garbage Collector

Security Manager:
In .net you can provide the security either by using role based security or code access security .When you provide security by using either of this then verifying the security and executing the security related code is the responsibility of security manager role based security provides the security based on the roles available in OS and code access security provides the security completely based on the own code

Exception Manager:
It is responsible for verifying whether there is any possibility for exception,raise the exception .If there is possibility,verify whether exception handling code is provided and executing is providing and otherwise terminate the program abnormal

Thread Manager:Executing multiple tasks at a time is called as multitasking .To implement multitasking you need to create threads with in the application.When you create threads within the .net application for implementing multitasking executing those threads is the responsibility of thread manager

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