Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SQL Server 2012:Complete details of New functions in SSIS

In this post i will give brief explanation about new functions in SSIS.In this version we have four new functions .Those are
LEFT:In previous versions there is no LEFT option in SSIS.In this version it will introduces as one of the string function In ssis and it will be use instead of SUBSTRING function.So by using this we can get left part of string
ex:SELECT LEFT(Full name, 3) 
FROM orders
REPLACENULL:It will use to replace the null values.
ex:REPLACENULL(city, "Hyderabad")
TOKEN:By using this function we can return a substring by using delimiters to separate a string into tokens
ex:TOKEN("Bhaskar developer"," ",1) 
give result as bhaskar
TOKENCOUNT:This function will give the count of tokens in the string which is already convert to token from string using delimiters
Ex:TOKENCOUNT("My name is bhaskar"," ")
The count this token is 4

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