Monday, July 2, 2012

Complete details about linq in sharepoint

what is LINQ?
LINQ Stands for Language Integrated Query , which  is used by the .net developers to query and transform the data .LINQ is a new data access paradigm,which allows the users to use SQL like Syntax in various data sources through out the application .
What is the main uses of LINQ?
By Allowing  the backend data resources to decide which way is the best to resolve the query , LINQ can improve the performace of the application .Now with sharepoint supporting the LINQ ,its makes query information for the platform easy through LINQ Query Listing in a condensed and easy format .
what are the fetaures of linq in sharepoint?
1) LINQ processes its queries through Custom Query provider that translaters LINQ quries through CAML ,which is a Collaborative Application Markup language which is later on used by the Sharepoint.
2)LINQ also extends its support in C# 3.0 and Visual Basic 9.0 .Visual Studio Integration for the Entity Creation is also known as SPML .
3)Entity Creation tool SpMetal to export SharePoint List definations to entity Classes used for querying .
4) LINQ can be connected to Sharepoint via ,Sharepoint Object model or through Sharepoint Web Services .
5) LINQ also provides the extended support to update through the entity Type.

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