Saturday, April 28, 2012

Postback forms in

It is a concept of html forms only when a form itself in its submission then we call this form/page as post back form/page. The basic question will be arise when we going thorough the postback concepts.How is related to this post back forms? If we create form we don't provide any action attribute to it. manually also it is not recommended to write action methods.
                               During rendering automatically writes action attribute which will call the some form or page name every form is a post back form. One more thing we have to know i:e why forces this post back concept.One of the main reason is to provide state management for page and its controls

 Note:- In 1.0/1.1 they was the only concept for post backs i:e straight post backs.Form 2.0 we can Even perform cross page post backs.Default is straight post back only

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