Monday, April 16, 2012

globalization and localization in

Title: What is Globalization and Localization in

Providing content of your application in local is localisation.As assembly is targeted one particular assembly is satellite assembly.The extension of resource file .ress.Creating an .net application with the support for only one local language like Hindi is called as localisation and creating an application with the support of multiple languages is called as globalization

        For implementing localisation or globalization you need to create satellite assemblies.A satellite assembly is an assembly i:e targeted for one particular culture.For different cultures of different countries MS provides different key words.The keyword for US English culture is "EN-US",Keyword for Indian Hindi Culture ""HI-IN" and so on

  To create satellite assembly you need to create a resource file that has the extension .ress and this resource file will be compiled to a DLL file that is targeted for the culture for which resource file is created and this dll is called as satellite assembly
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