Monday, February 13, 2012

New features in 4.5

The latest version for 4.5 has been released September 2011.It includes a lot of great features in the ASP.NET .It has one of the latest HTML version which is  HTML5 with Updates.It will ignore the browser issues for design of applications

New in 4.5:
1.ASP.NET Core Run time and Framework
2.Asynchronously Reading and Writing HTTP Requests and Responses.
3.Improvements to Http Request handling
4.Asynchronously flushing a response
5.Support for await and Task-Based Asynchronous Modules and Handlers
6.Asynchronous HTTP modules
7.Asynchronous HTTP handlers
8.New ASP.NET Request Validation Features
9.Filtering by values from a control
10.HTML Encoded Data-Binding Expressions
11.Unobtrusive Validation
12.HTML5 Updates

To more description about New Features For more
DownLoad VS2011


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ASP.NET 4.5 also gives you the ability to double-buffer an HTTP request entity.

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