Sunday, February 19, 2012

Basics of wcf

WCF stands for Windows communication foundation.SOAP is an attribute it is used on web method.It is recommended to work with WCF 3.0,3.5,3.5sp1,and 4.0 .Data with WCF is also recommended using LINQ to SQL and entity framework.WCF is completely configuration based and many tasks in WCCF can be done with configuration.WCF even supports consuming classes pragmatically writing code to perform it's actions but nobody uses WCF with code because configuration based is a big advantage.

WCF supports attribute based programming for every behaviour of server and it has lot of attributes along with properties to fulfill the distributed application environment.
[attribute] attributes are classes
WCF unified model is prepared with simple ABC model
Now i will show you how we are communicating in WCF.The Binding concept is used to communicate in WCF.TCP,SOAP,Meta data binding these are computer terms.WCF generate WSDL based on Contract.Contact will come interface what will gives that's it
A+B+C=End point in WCF
you can have multiple ENDPOINTS .To serve the same Contracts different types of clients.
A network address where the End point resides.

Binding:Specifies how the End point communicate with the world
-Secirity options(SSL,message security)

BasicHttpBinding ,NetTcpBinding ..etc
Contract:Specifies what the endpoint communicator
define the things like
-message exchange patterns
-service operations
-Behaviour(exchange meta data-Data,Authorisation-etc)

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