Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to create smart form in Ektron CMS

might be think all why we using smart form? The same thought i had when working with smart form in ektron cms.In Ektron the Smart Forms used to separating Web content from presentation and avoid the duplicate content from users.The smart form can deliver the content to multiple devices and easy to share .There is two ways to create smart form in Ektron
1. WYSIWYG Data Designer
2. Xml files
Here i will shown how to create a smart form in work area and assign to particular folder in it.The fallowing steps will be needed to create smart form
Go to Work Area-->Settings-->Smart Form Configuration
There is a plus symbol at top most left to add the smart form to smart form configuration.After make a selection we will get a text box to give a name to smart form.Here i have given a name as "smart form1" .After add the name of the smart form we have to save this.For this there is option at left top most.
We will get XML configuration form to create an desirable deign.Here i have taken two check boxes in the form then updated.The below screen shot will shown how it was.u can edit the page if you are familiar with XML.For this we have an option at bottom of screen to
If we want see the smart form individually you should do the following steps.
settings-->smart form Configuration
whenever click on the configuration manager you can the total smart forms are available in work area.Then click on one of smart form you can see the properties of this.Here we can edit using edit button at top of the work area
How to assign the Smart form to Folder:
In work are each folder having the property smart form to attach desirable smart form.Here you can see the properties of folders in work area.For this i have taken personal folder in work area.
To give the desirable smart form to folder you have to unchecked the option inherit parent configuration then the drop down is enabled to select the smart forms
After add the smart form to particular folder you can see it in new tab option.the fallowing screen shot will describes where will it has added.
This smart form content is useful for many of content blocks in work area.

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