Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Difference between ADO and ADO.NET

Title:Difference between ADO and

Below are some of the differences between and ado

1.ADO are implemented using com technology
2.In the ADO we can store only one table in record set
3.Ado's doesn't support data relations
4.Ado's is not front end RDBMS
5.Ado's are connection oriented database management system
6.Using Ado's we can't integrate with XML
7.Using Ado's we can't generate sql statements
8.Ado,s are doesn't support data transactions

1.ADO.NET are implemented using .net framework technology
2.In the ADO.NET we can store multiple tables in record set
3.Ado.NET support data relations
4.Ado.NET is not front end RDBMS
5.Ado.NET are connectionless oriented database management system
6.Using Ado.NET we can integrate with XML
7.Using Ado.NET we can generate sql statements
8.Ado.NET support data transactions

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