Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Create a collection widget in EKtron cms

Collection is list of links to the user on a webpage.It is used to display content links like Latest news and releases.Here i will explain how to create a collection  widget In ektron Cms. There is an option to create a collection  in work area under desirable path.The default id is generated for any element which are  created in work area .Each  collection can manage number of content blocks which  is having the information what we are provided to that.The collection server control having the DefaultDisplaystyle property for display the collection in different appearance using XSLT .The following name spaces have to add to  web application for  creating a collection widget using ektron work area
Add the Collection.ascx to Work Area(Widgets):

Now the  collection user control will be added to widget folder which is under Personalization folder in work area.The below screen shots will give the idea to add the this control to work area
It has the path of personalization folder in work area and synchronization option for user controls which are created in widget folder in application

 It has the widget folder path under personalization
After selecting this folder we have a option synchronization which has shown in above figure -1 to add the user controls which are created in widget  folder in application.Here we have an edit option for every control in work area which can be using to change the title and label name etc.
Namespaces which are added to application to develop the collection widget:
Get the id of collection:
Ektron.Cms.Controls.Collection Collection1 = new Ektron.Cms.Controls.Collection();
Collection1.Page = Page;
Collection1.DefaultCollectionID = CollectionId;
By this way we will allocate the remaining values of collection dynamically.then we will generate events for edit ,cancel the collection wiget.

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