Monday, April 15, 2013

Collection initializer in c sharp

Collection initializers are extension of object initializers.It look like an array.To create a collection initializers ,Auto-implemented properties are required.To work with this,a generic data type called as list is required.Generic data type holds any type of data. These are similar to c++ templates and will be indicated with <>

Code in General declaration
class result
public int marks {set; get;}
public string sname {set; get;}
public int id {set; get;}
Code for btn click
list<result> rs= new list<result>
new result{marks=100,sname="siva",id=1}
new result{marks=100,id=2}
foreach(result r,int rs)
Messagebox.Show(r1.marks+" "+r1.sname+" ";
In the above i have taken one button to done this example

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