Monday, December 10, 2012

Design of crystal reports

Title: Design of Crystal reports in

From VS 2008 to current version  providing the crystal report designer for generating reports towards windows form and web form.The applications should provide report generation to make data entry operator job easier.Report is formatted data with proper management.The info can be arranged in diffident section

*Report Header section:The info will be placed with in the first page of report
ex:Company name,logo,date etc
*Page Header Section :The information will be placed with in each page of report at the top
*Group Header Section:This will display grouped column information.It will avoid repetition
ex:display (deptno) only once
*Details section:It will display each record information
*Group footer section: Will display calculated value with respect to grouped columns
ex: sum of sals  w.r.t dept
* Page footer Section:The information will be displayed at the end of page.
ex:One out of count,turn page..etc
*Report footer Section:It will display information at the end of page.
total salary payed for all the emps

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