Friday, August 17, 2012

SQL cache dependency in

The life of cache variable is based on DB[sql server] table manipulation is called SCD.Mainly the SQL cache dependence requires three steps.Those are
* configuring sql server
*configuring web site
*placing variable into cache with SQL cache expiry
Now i will show how to configuring SQL server to monitor particular table .Net is providing -reg sql.exe utility.Open VS command prompt and type the below syntax
> aspnet - reg SQL -U "sa" -P "" -d "inventory -ed
Enable data base for sql cache dependency [it will create notification table with in Database
> -reg SQL -U "sa" -p "" -d "inventory" "-t" product" -et
Enabling table for sql cache dependency[It is asking Sql server to monitor products table for manipulation,sql server will perform manipulations to by placing info into notification table] Note:If Sql server is running in Remote System,provide server name to aspnet -regSQL.exer utility assigning -s option
aspnet -regsql -U "sa" -P "" -s "xxxx"
If sql server supports windows based authentication provide -E option
aspnet -regsql -E  -d "."
Listing tables applied with sql cache dependency
aspnet -regsql SQL -U "sa" -P "" -d "inventory" -lt

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