Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is a partial class and how to use in c sharp

It was introduced under 2.0 framework which allows you to split a class o n to multiple files
Splitting huge volumes of code into multiple files which makes managing easier.Allows multiple programmers to work on the same class at the same time.grouping related code of a class in separate files
Here i will show how to develop a partial class in csharp.For this add a class to the project naming it as File1.cs and write the following code
partial class parts
public void test1()
public void test2()
add one more class naming it as File2.cs
 partial class parts { public void test3() { Console.Writeline("method3"); } public void test4() { Console.Writeline("method4"); } } Now to test the class add one more class to the project naming it as test parts.cs and write the following class testparts { static void main() { parts p= new parts(); p.test1(); p.test2(); p.test3(); p.test4(); Console.ReadLine();
} }

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