Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to send a mail in ektron cms

In Ektron CMS we have a reference to send a mail i;e EkMailRef.This service has taken the server name from the web.config file.In web.config file the ek_key values are available to give the server name ,from and to user name.The below code will use to send a mail in ektron cms

CommonApi commonApi = new CommonApi();
EkMailService MailService = commonApi.EkMailRef;
MailService .MailFrom = "bhaskar7698@gmail.com;
MailService .MailTo = bhaskar7698@gmail.com;
MailService .MailSubject = "Test";
MailService .MailBodyText = "send mail in ektron cms;
MailService .SendMail();

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